With over 15 years of history working on a wide spectrum of technologies, Inncrewin has the expertise to handle any technology and elaborating every technology we have and can build on is unworthy of web space. However, we do consider expertise in the areas below critical to successfully building successful SaaS and mobile products.

Application Development

In our more than 15 years of providing technology services and building products, we have worked on a myriad of technologies, languages, and packages. We choose the right technology for the right situation based on an analysis of various attributes like complexity, timelines, cost, etc. to help our clients get the best value for their unique situation.

Application Development

Following is a word cloud of some of the technologies we have used

Cloud Expertise

Cloud infrastructure has made it easy for anyone and especially for SaaS software builders to have infrastructure on demand, whether it be as Platform as a Service (PaaS) or just Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). While many development companies would have come across the cloud in one form or another, deep expertise on the cloud deploying and maintaining high performant products used by hundreds of thousands or millions of users is still not commonplace.

Following are a few aspects of the cloud that where we stand out

Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud
Cloud Native Applications

Almost all the work we do today is cloud native and our architects are experts in exploiting every aspect of the cloud for the benefit of our products. We build applications which perform well in high load situations because they are built to scale at a granular level on cloud infrastructure giving our products maximum performance at minimum cost

Cloud Migration

Inncrewin Technologies started developing products back in 2005 and had customers using products before the cloud became accessible to all. We have since migrated two complex products from on premise and virtual machine infrastructure to the cloud and converted them to take full advantage of cloud features like micro-services and scalability.

Cloud Performance and Scalability

Applications that are built for performance can save the startup company money by using less cloud infrastructure and support more users as products scale. Products build with scalability in mind are able to scale the parts of the system that requires more infrastructure individually while not scaling others that don’t. Our products are used by millions of users and we know a thing or two about application performance and scalability.

Cloud Monitoring

Having monitored several products, we now have a framework for monitoring cloud products that we can quickly setup for our clients to monitor availability, performance, and application errors. This enables SaaS products to run flawlessly from the perspective of its users because any issues are caught and fixed before users realize.

User Interface & User Experience

User Experience

Many great products fail to make an impact in the market due to a poor user experience. Modern software users don’t just expect, but demand a superior user experience. We’ve learned this through our various experiments with our B2B and B2C products and realized that products have to be designed for better user experience from the beginning and then measured and tweaked continuously until the optimum results are achieved. We use user experience testing along with live monitoring of user interaction and analytics software to continuously monitor user behavior and optimize for best user experience in any products we build.

User Interface Technologies

Web user interface has gone through significant change from what a browser was originally intended to do. With JavaScript, the user interface became more interactive and technologies like Typescript, Angular and React/Redux has made the JavaScript code more manageable and allowed even more interactions local to the browser. Using the right frontend technology is very important to the success of a product. Through the years, we have used many frameworks and upgraded from one to the other in products that we have been involved in for longer periods of time.

Mobile and Responsive

Today’s SaaS users expect to be able to use your products from any device anywhere and a good experience on any device goes and long way in increasing adoption. Many of our products are designed to be responsive to the user’s device. Designing a responsive UI using frameworks like bootstrap enable product companies to maintain only one codebase to support all devices. It’s sometimes even possible to have the mobile app use the same codebase.


Many SaaS and almost all of our products are built for specific industries or e-commerce and hence integrating with other software in the industry is necessary for seamless communication, and ultimately product adoption. This is another area where we have significant experience that helps us build successful products. Following are some integrations we have performed, the expertise acquired from which continue to serve us well.


Security is an aspect of product development that is often ignored until it’s too late. As more and more high profile data breaches come to light, it’s in every product developer’s interest to have security front and center of product development. There are two areas of security that we focus on in SaaS product development.

Cloud Security Configuration

This involves making sure that the right configurations and infrastructure exists on the cloud environment to protect against any security breaches at the infrastructure level.

Code Review and Penetration Testing

More often than not, application security is found lacking and the only way to prevent attacks on weak code security practices is to ensure that code review processes have security elements included and then to perform internal or third party penetration testing to prove that the system doesn’t have security flaws. We have done these activities internally and have coordinated with third parties where separation of responsibilities is desirable.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are known to increase loyalty and adoption and many successful products have adopted a mobile first strategy where the mobile app precedes availability on any desktop environment. While most of the our SaaS products have adopted a web first approach, we have built mobile apps using technologies like Xamarin, Flutter and React Native that support multiple platforms like Android and iPhone to reduce development effort. We have also built native mobile applications on both android and iOS platforms.