MeetingSense is a cloud based meeting management software complete with Facebook style instant updates for projects and organizations. The platform has received rave reviews from industry publications and project teams for their latest version. Inncrewin built the entire web platform from scratch for the new version.

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Our Contribution

Inncrewin set the base for this meeting management software by building an instant update solution that can scale to support large number of users expected on the platform. We also built the interactive web interface other plugins needed to make the software work with existing tools like outlook and skype.

Here’s what their CEO had to say about Inncrewin

“MeetingSense partnered with Inncrewin Technologies to build the future of meetings, a social platform for corporate meetings. The first thing that comes to mind when you look at the platform is “This is facebook for meetings”. Inncrewin technologies built facebook-like instant updates and news feeds and several other collaboration features for meetingsense including meetings notes plugins for Outlook, Microsoft Lync, and Skype for business” – Hannon Brett, CEO MeetingSense Software Corporation.