SafeSend is an award winning suite of products built for the accounting industry in the US. Inncrewin Technologies became the parent company cPaperless’ development partner shortly after inception and has seen the company grow to add over 40,000 customers and growing faster than ever.

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Our Contribution

Inncrewin Technologies manages Safesend’s technology aspects completely including architecture, development, testing, and infrastructure. We also helped them scale the architecture & infrastructure to enable millions of transactions during tax season on the cloud.

And we got great feedback from cPaperless

“We have been extremely satisfied with the quality of work and of the people at Inncrewin and it’s great for me to be able to speak with a senior technologist in the US. Inncrewin is my primary software development partner I simply hire more resources with them as my business grows” – Steve Dusablon, CEO cPaperless LLC