Development Process

Inncrewin follows an agile development process that allows our customers extensive flexibility in the product features. We also have mastered techniques to modify agile process to allow a distributed team. Following are some primary tenets of our agile process.

Requirement Templates – Quickly & Clearly Specify Functionality

Our agile requirement template, perfected over the years, enables business users and our team to flush out requirements to the level needed for quality delivery without excess effort.

Short Iterations – See What’s Being Built

Barring compelling reasons, we run a 2 week iteration where software is delivered to customers to work with every 2 weeks. Each iteration is fully tested and free from any high or medium priority defects from testing. Any issues found in business scenario testing by customers are resolved in the next iteration, allowing the iteration to be release ready. This enables quick delivery and ultimate flexibility since requirements outside the current iteration are open to change or reprioritization.

Transparency – See How Its Being Built

We follow a highly transparent process where all work produced by the team is available to the customers at any time, enabling them to review and confirm as much or as little as they seem fit.

Local Point of Contact – Get Free Guidance & Help

While our development is distributed, your contact is always local. Your contact is also not just a “project manager” who acts like a post office. All our local managers have deep technical and project management ability. These managers can guide you in technology and architecture if you need such support and also take on communications with a distributed team when time zones don’t match. Every project is assigned a certain number of hours depending on size for free from these managers. More hours are available at local rates.

Delivery Guarantee

Are you on a timeline you cannot miss? Once we finalize scope and team, we will guarantee a delivery date that you can announce in the market. We never miss, but to give you peace of mind, we will accept penalties in the contract if we miss the dates. Our process also ensures that you can see real progress in software instead of progress in a project plan.

If the project team feels that the team is behind schedule for any reason, we provide resources free of cost until the team is able to catch up to the satisfaction of all the stakeholders.

As part of the delivery guarantee, we also finalize timelines for deliverables from the client and track those to ensure that any delays are highlighted and appropriate action taken.