A Case Study

One of our oldest customers, cPaperless started working on cloud software before the current cloud providers were mainstream and grew fast to add hundreds of thousands of active users. As their development partner, it was upon Inncrewin to make sure that their software scales to their expected customer volume. Following are some of the strategies we adopted to ensure uptime and performance.

Performance Testing & Tuning

Performance testing was performed on the system end to end using the same volume and mix of the expected number of users in production and expected user growth to baseline system performance. Appropriate tools were used to identify bottlenecks and rectify them to get the application itself as optimized as possible.

Cloud Migration

We migrated entire cPaperless code base to the cloud from a regular hosted environment. Migrating to cloud involves not just migrating the application, but sometimes re-architecting the application to fit into the paradigms of the cloud service provider for best performance output.

Monitoring & Failover

We set up monitors on the hardware to ensure uptime and failover hardware was built into the infrastructure to minimize downtime.

Overall, cPaperless has been able to provide very high uptime to their clients and support the high volume of traffic they experience during tax season since their software is targeted to accounting firms.